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Plant-Powered Planet Protectors at the Climate March

On September 8, hundreds of thousands of people will march in San Francisco for our climate and our future. We invite you to march with the Plant-Powered Planet Protectors (P4), a diverse coalition founded in 2017 with a powerful message: Anyone can choose to protect the planet every time we sit down at the dinner table.

A WorldWatch report estimates that 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted by livestock production each year, while the U.S. EPA implicates animal agriculture as the largest emitter of methane, a much more powerful greenhouse gas. And according to the United Nations, animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing our consumption of animal products is essential to preventing the most devastating impacts of climate change. 

Global Climate Summit SF: About Us

Climate March Plant-Based Meeting   June 10 2018

This meeting is to discuss and plan the plant-based contingent(s) of the Climate March, which will take place in San Francisco on Sep 8. It is open to everyone in the plant-based and animal rights communities.

Activists and decision-makers will be pouring into San Francisco from around the world for the Global Climate Action Summit (Sep 12-14). Seed the Commons and the Climate-Friendly Agriculture Alliance are part of a growing coalition of organizations planning the Climate March, and we invite all vegans to seize this opportunity to bring our message to an international audience and highlight the role of animal agriculture in global warming! 

Sunday at 4 PM - 6 PM

Impact Hub San Francisco

1885 Mission St., San Francisco, California 94103

#PlantBasedClimate  #ClimateFriendlyAgriculture

Global Climate Summit SF: Events

Climate March Plant-Based Meeting - June 10, 2018


March For Science

Collecting Donations

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PCM Mass Action
Agriculture Contingent

Turning Interest Into Action

2018 Global Climate Summit (PCM Presentation)

  • September 12 - 14th San Francisco CA

  • Convened by Gov Jerry Brown, Michael Bloomberg, and Christiana Figueres

  • An important global moment leading into next years COP

  • Global, state, local and private sector  leaders will be attending

  • Focus on sub-nationals  - states and local action, private sector - non-national entities

  • Not a formal UN event - but is important moment for subnationals to share how they are working to achieve Paris agreement goals.

  • Provides a critical global moment for state and local leaders in the US to show how the US is committed to climate action.

  • Currently plan is to make big announcements about initiatives to address climate change

Global Climate Summit SF: About Us
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